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will there be frozen 3

Disney's original Frozen had been one of the most critical and commercial success the Walt Disney company had ever created in the past 20 or more years. After the original, fans were desperately waiting for a sequel and there it was. The sequel started dominating the hearts of fans from November 19, 2020. This leaves us with a big question. will there be frozen 3. Here we will look at the possibilities to the grand question: will there be frozen 3.

However, Disney's Frozen 2 got mixed reviews with majority being positive. But still, there is plenty of reason to make Frozen 3

Frozen 2 mostly focuses on the relationship between Elsa and Anna and the Northuldra tribe. Queen Elsa feels drawn to the enchanted forest after hearing voices, and sets forth with her sister Anna , Kristoff ,  Sven, and the snowman Olaf (Josh Gad). Inspired by her late mother and father’s tales from childhood, Queen Elsa establishes a peaceful connection with the Northuldra, and discovers that her ancestry is directly connected to the Enchanted Forest. But what about frozen 3?


Unlike the original and classical Disney films, Frozen 2 doesn't actually feature a villain. The original Frozen got a declarative anthem - 'let it go' , while frozen 2's 'into the unknown' was more introspective and creates an entirely different mood. Disney has got a wide range of direction to take on if......they make up their mind for a Frozen 3.

Now we look at what frozen 2 have to say as answer to the question, will there be a frozen 3?

What Frozen 2 casts has to say

Jennifer Lee, one of the frozen co-director, said "for me, finishing Frozen 2 felt final" and she mentioned she was ' tired'.

But she also gave the fans a tiny bit of hope, she mentioned "we always say ' never say never'". At the same time, Chris Buck said that frozen and frozen 2 work as a huge movie and even teased Frozen 3 by saying " nothing ever closes the door."

Buck said that the two Frozen films tell a “complete story” and that he currently has no desire to create a third film in the franchise. However, Molina, who was cast as king Agnarr, mentioned that Frozen 3 won't probably happen. This is what he had to say, "“Well, I don’t think there’ll be a three. That’s what I’ve heard, but who knows, who knows? Those kind of decisions are way above my pay grade.”

The original Frozen ended like it won't be getting any sequel, Happy merry ending, right? But no, Frozen 2 was released on 2019. There are good reasons to make Frozen 3. A lot of question of Frozen was answered in the sequel.Idina Menzel said she would gladly reprise the role of Queen Elsa in Frozen 3. However, the decision to make a third Frozen film is ultimately Disney’s.

Frozen 3 Possibilities

Importantly, Frozen is not based on existing IP. So, Frozen 2 was created as a response to audience demand—which clearly still exists. Frozen 2 has broken Thanksgiving box office records, and dethroned its prequel to become the highest grossing animated movie ever.

Frozen 3 could happen with Hans returning. Frozen 2 have reminded the audience that he was not a villain who should be forgotten. His name is repeated multiple times like when everyone played the game of charades, Between Anna and Kristoff and when Olaf told the summary of Frozen events in the enchanted forest. Elsa is now the leader of the Northuldra tribe and Anna is the Queen of Arendelle. A sequel could be great if there was a reason so that Anna and Elsa could reunite together and Hans would be perfect for that role.

When to expect the sequel

Frozen 2 got the green light after 16 months from the date of release of the original Frozen,. And it took almost five years for the completion of the film. Not to mention, it took 6 months alone to create Elsa's Horse and the water spirit,the Nokk. And the best we could do is wait for a year as Lee had mentioned, "give me a year to make up my mind", and if it gets a green light, then wait for a six years for the Second sequel of the best Disney franchise ever.

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