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Disney and Marvel is two of the most loved studios in the whole world. Disney was founded in 1923, 16 October and Marvel studios in 1993, 7 December. However, Marvel began falling out in the 90's. And the superhero studio we know today was merged with a toy company of an Israelite. After tons of tense battles, they still couldn't come back. They had to auction off their film rights to some of their most prized characters. Spider-man was lost to Sony, Hulk to Paramount and the Daredevil, Xmen and the fantastic four to 21st century fox. Then the company began focusing on the question,'which toy will sell the most?' and they got the answer- 'Iron man'. Then they converted the toy into their next film and that was the perfect start of the Marvel studios. 

The success of Iron man series caught the eye of Disney, and The mouse-based studio bought Marvel studios in 2009 for 4 billion dollars. The first Marvel film released under Disney was 'The Avengers' and it was also the first Marvel film to get a position at the list of top 10 highest grossing film of all time. In 2020, eight of the 25 highest grossing movies are Marvel movies. Also, the once-bankrupted company produced the highest grossing film of all time - "The Endgame".


Now let us look which is actually the best- the Mouse company or the Superhero company.

Sequels and Fandom

Even though Marvel films dominate the gross office, it doesn't mean they are the best. Money collected is not directly linked to the critical success of the film. While Marvel have 8 movies in the top 25 list, Disney have 6(excluding its Marvel movies) and Disney movies are more critically successful.

But in case of hardcore fans, Marvel easily dominates over Disney. Endgame wouldn't have got its number 1 position if its prequel hadn't ended in the way it ended. Millions of Marvel fans were curious to know what happened to their favorite heroes. A lot of people even re-watched the movie dozens of times with which the movie surpassed 'Avatar'. At the same time, Disney doesn't make sequels the way Marvel does. In fact, they only create sequels once in a blue moon. The first Disney princess sequel ever was Disney's 'Frozen 2' which is the highest grossing animated movie of all time and the only animated movie in the list of top 10 highest grossing movies. Frozen got the first sequel after six years, At the same time, Avengers made 4 films in 8 years.


From the classical sleeping beauty, The little mermaid to the modern legendary Moana and Frozen franchise, Disney has got no rivals in its animation field. Disney dominates the list of highest grossing animated movies with toy story series, zootopia, Incredibles and the epic Frozen series. When Frozen 2 collected 1.45 billion dollars, Marvel's "spiderman: into the spider verse"(most collected Marvel animated movie) just collected 375 million dollars. Not to mention, Zootopia, Toy story, Incredibles and more are also other list dominating Animated movies.


Full Movie

Frozen 2

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Now this is an important category to consider when understanding the success of the film, in this case- the studio. Avengers Endgame got a title at the 2020 Oscars.'The highest grossing movie not to win an Oscar'. That's kind of a shame. Apart from that, Avengers Infinity war was considered as 'the movie of the decade' while avenges endgame never even got 'movie of  the month'. At the Oscars, Majority of times, Disney films win the Oscar for 'best animated movie' and for the 'best song' category. That is inevitable. The only time that didn't happen after 2014 (when Frozen won the award) was at 2019 Oscars when spiderman:Into the spider verse won the best animated film award. Zootopia, Frozen, Inside out, Toy story etc are some of the Disney films that have won Oscar awards.

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This is another category in which Disney remains dominated without any rivals. The best Disney song ever, 'Let it go' won all sorts of awards it possibly could. It was the first Disney song to get a Grammy for 'best song' criteria. The only songs that Marvel produced came from Black panther and Spiderman:Into the spider verse. Most of the Disney songs are hard to let go and even when we stop playing it, it is because we probably overplayed it. Into the unknown from Frozen 2 was translated to 32 languages and performed at the 2020 Oscars. See the Frozen songs ranked, here


Now this is a tough choice. The portals(The BGM in Endgame when every disappeared heroes returns) was an incredible OST. Fans were literally shaking in their seats with all the goosebumps and effects(myself included). It was epic. Disney is also not bad at it but no Disney OST comes close to 'Portals'. One of the best Disney OST is Vuelie from the Frozen franchise. OST from Moana was also good. Some people emotionally cried when Frozen 2 ended with Vuelie (again myself included). But in this category, Marvel wins and dominates over Disney and it was a tough battle.



Now, this is the most important category to be considered for the new cinemaholic generation. And unfortunately for Marvel fans, Disney easily wins in this category too. When Marvel is wholly trying to entertain the fans, Disney also tries to inspire along with entertaining. Every film focuses on a inspiring point. Frozen focuses on the point 'Love thaws' while Frozen 2 stresses on 'Love unites us'. Zootopia teaches us to try everything even when the world seems against us. Moana implies us to break our boundaries and do what we feel is right. Marvel films doesn't stress on any quotes or mottoes, they just entertains in a big way.


In this VS battle, sadly for the marvel fans, Disney wins easily. Whether you accept it or not, Disney is better than Marvel. It was Disney who bought Marvel, not the other way round. It is only because Disney is more successful than Marvel. Disney also presents a wide range of themed movies while all Marvel could produce was Sci-fi, action films. For more VS battles, Check back often. For more contents,Go home and go to desired pages

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