best frozen franchise songs.

Best Frozen songs

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best frozen franchise songs. Apart from the wonderful animations and story line, the frozen series also presents awesome ,unforgettable songs which gets stuck inside your head and you just can't get it out.another wonderful feature of the franchise is that everyone enjoys it.and i mean everyone irrespective of their age and is not just a kid movie or a girl movie.everyone will love it. Take a look at the best frozen franchise songs.Click to go home


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Warning : if i were you and if i hadn't seen frozen 2,this would be the best place to stop reading this article.

So here we go into ranking : The best frozen songs

22. Fixer upper.

My personal opinion, the only song i don't like in the whole franchise and i won't personally recommend it to doesn't even come close to the other songs in the list because some songs on the list are epics.we will get to them later.the song is sung by the trolls when kristoff comes to them with anna and the troll mistakes her for kristoff's girlfriend.the video is pretty cute but not the song.

21. Reindeers are better than people.

The song is not so bad on its own but it doesn't qualify as a song as it is too is sung by kristoff and kristoff pretending to be sven.kristoff,who is socially impaired,talks about the cruelty of people and how his friend sven , the reindeer,is better than is also the first time when anna meets him and we get to know that we have got our hero at last.

20. Summer.

The song is cute of course,but not great enough for better ranks.the video is cute and silly as we saw olaf(snowman) dreaming to experience heat and summer.this is also the first time the audience get to see  olaf(alive).but don't worry.our cute little character has got two more better songs.

19. The ballad of Flemmingard.

 This definitely gets more melodious than the above songs but many of you won't be familiar with this song.this song is sung by kristoff in olaf's frozen adventures to cheer the sisters, when elsa and anna realizes that their surprise party plan had been ruined.kristoff talks about his family tradition - 'the traditional troll tradition'.

$$ did you know: frozen 2 had deleted two songs from the films and you could listen to them in youtube('home' by kristen bell and 'get it right' by kristen bell and jonathan groff

18. When I am older.

This definitely is a better song of olaf than the one in frozen .this has more hilarious content and is not because i have anything against olaf and kristoff but when it comes to songs, the sisters are epic(overall,too).olaf sings this song when he loses his way in the enchanted forest and gets scared of the spirits.he believes that everything will make sense when he is older.with the end of this song, the film starts becoming epic.

17. Love is an open door.

$$ songwriters robert lopez and kristen anderson-lopez told billboard they made the demo for "let it go" in just one day after taking a walk through prospect park in brooklyn, new york, jumping on picnic tables and singing to embrace elsa's attitude.

When it comes to the varieties in the franchise, its songs is of a wide variety.this is such a can't see a silly love song in any other disney movie but this is that song.anna and hans sings the song when they realize that it's love at first sight.the lyrics are cute and funny at the same time.but it doesn't come close to other songs by anna(kristen bell).

16. That time of year.

This is the best rank that olaf had secured in this is actually pretty good song when compared to his other two songs.the song starts good and you will like it but the song is too long with the same tune that you get bored after a while.the video is is from olaf's frozen adventures.olaf sings the song when he visits every home in the kingdom to collect their family traditions for elsa and anna.

$$ did you know: frozen 2 is, in fact, the first follow-up for a disney princess movie that got released in the cinemas.

15. Frozen heart.

I said right , frozen is full of variety.this is again such a can't possibly start a film with a more powerful song.this is the first song of the frozen and with the end of this song the film also features kristoff and sven at their childhood and the way the 'ice harvesters' earn for their livelihood.

14. Lost in the woods.

One of the other feature of frozen 2 was that kristoff was getting a solo for is an 1880s styled ballad.kristoff sings the song when he realizes that anna had left him(though for an urgent case) and mistakes her love.but i think the expectations was too high because the song didn't get to competite with other songs in the movie.the song is certainly melodious and a lot better that kristoff's other songs.the song starts slow and ends with power.

$$ did you know:jonathan groff provided a voice for all the reindeer singers in "lost in the woods".

13. Ring in the season.

This is a song from olaf's frozen didn't get much popularity like it deserves.certainly ab awesome song but it could have been a little more longer.elsa and anna sings it is the first christmas after the gates are opened and the sisters had prepared a party for everyone at the castle.the song starts when the people starts coming in.

12. Vuelie.

I know, this isn't actually a song but how can i not add this to this list.this was the beginning of arandelle's reign over its fans' hearts and also the hollywood animated box office.this is also played when elsa learns how to control her power and reverses the icy weather in arendelle and also when elsa and anna realizes their mother was a northuldra in frozen is a goosebump giving song,pumped up with power.i hope we will get more movies with this as the opening song.

11. Somethings never change.

This is the first and the only song in the entire franchise in which every character has got equal part.started by anna and olaf and joined by kristoff and is an ironical song in fact.the title says 'somethings never change' but after this song , everything is a brightly energetic get the full idea of what have changed in arendelle after the incidents in the original movie through the song video.but we have got far more better songs than this this rank is more than deservedly.

10. For the first time in forever(reprise).

we are getting on to more powerful songs of the franchise and it is no surprise this comes first.Even though Anna starts it slowly,Elsa pumps the song with power and it lasts with boosted power.Anna had just discovered elsa,who is in self-exile at her ice castle and wants to get her back to arendelle.but elsa asks her to go back thinking that she is a threat to everyone.the song ends with elsa losing control of her power and anna's heart getting frozen.

9. For the first time in forever.

This is a masterpiece.this is the first song pumped with energy in the is started by anna and joined by elsa.after 13 years of living within the closed gates,the gates are finally opening for elsa's coronation is epic,especially the music.we see an anna who dreams of socializing and finding true love and elsa fearing if something may go wrong on that night.after this song ,we get our villain.

8. Do you want to build a snowman.

Such a cute name for a sweet song.there is nothing more cuter than anna singing this song to her sister when the snow starts falling.the song is sweetly heartbreaking and so emotional that it weighs your heart down when the film ends with this song(instrumental).anna sings the song in three ages of her life,when she was five,nine and fifteen.the song proves the sister's love towards each wants to spend time with her sister and the other wants to stay away from her sister to keep her safe from herself.

7. Making today a perfect day.

This song should have got more popularity than it has got is the song from frozen is anna's first birthday after the gates are opened and elsa has planned something big.the song is awesome and a little too long but you won't get bored.the lyrics clearly shows the sisters love towards each other as elsa continues to please anna even though she has a bad case of cold and anna showing concern for elsa's deteriorating is an energetic song and you will certainly love it but the official video song is not published on youtube as the song covers three-fourth of the film.

6. All is found.

This is another one of the varieties of song that frozen is a sweet lullaby sung by queen iduna(evan rachel woods) in frozen 2 to young elsa and anna.when the film name is shown at a part of the song , you can't help but get  has got a powerful,yet sweet is an emotional and nostalgic song.the melodious voice of woods adds to the beauty.

$$ singing "angela" by the lumineers while dressed as a disney princess is what got evan rachel wood the part.

$$ jennifer and chris told that as soon as evan appeared in the audition, they instantly felt like anna and elsa's mother "just walked into the room."

5. when we are together.

This is the only song in the franchise in which elsa and anna sings together.the combined voice is won't understand it if you haven't heard the song.the song is from olaf's frozen adventures and sadly neither is it uploaded in youtube nor did it get its deserved popularity.the song talks about the love between their family and how they can be the best should definitely try it is a sweet melodious song that will truly get in your head

4. The next right thing.

Anna got songs in frozen but she didn't get anything epic like how elsa got 'let it go' .frozen 2 takes care of is not just epic,it is legendary.anna sings it when she just lost her sister and her best friend.kristen bell lets the audience actually feel what her character is going can feel the depth of grief that is felt in the song.the song starts slowly and ends with goosebumps.definitely,earned the rank but let's get this song more views.

$$ did you know: anna’s story about losing elsa and olaf and how you must move on is based on kristen bell's real-life experience.

$$ did you know: a kirsten’s mantra is a base for the song "the next right thing"

03. Into the unknown.

It was released as the 'let it go' of frozen 2.even though it couldn't come close to its predecessor,it was a complete nomination for various prestigious award winning lumiere award.complete miss for everyone who didn't experience it on is sung by the 'wickedly talented' idina menzel along with aurora.when their voices combine at the end,it is just a masteriece.perfect rhythm and power boosted got 150 million views in just 3 months and is the 9 most viewed disney song ever.

$$ did you know: artists designed a whopping 122 different sets for anna’s wardrobe. Some of them were designed for elsa but repurposed in the end.

02. Show yourself.

If you still haven't got an idea of what epic is, try this song.this song defines the word epic.the song starts slow and melodious,then it gets pumped up with power that you can't believe this song started slow.the video is a whole new should definitely watch it.a part of 'all is found' is played at the end and that is could feel goosebumps crawling through your skin.official video had been released in youtube recently.i got 13 million views in just a week and still growing.

$$ nearly six months and several animators were what it took to finish the animated sequences of elsa's horse, nokk.

show yourself

01. Let It Go.

$$ Did you know:  an agreement was signed between disney and the sámi leaders - the native people of the scandinavian regions who inspired parts of the film. That agreement assured their culture and customs would be depicted with respect.

It was something grand since the film was released in has been the most viewed disney song ever with a 2 billion got every award from academy award,golden globes,critics choice to two grammy awards.if you think this shouldn't have been ranked one,it is because you must have overplayed it too is the most powerful ballad of disney ever made and an inspiration if you understand the situation.everything from the music to lyrics is just awesome.idina menzel became a star with this song

$$ did you know: into the unknown released on december 2019 has 160 million views now and gets one million views every day.'let it go' released on 2013 has 2 billion views and also gets one million views everyday still today.

The most viewed disney songs....

  • You are welcome : moana :  571  miilion views

  • Let it go (demi lovato version) : 586 million views

  • Let it go (sing along version) :  693 million views

  • How far i'll go : moana : 747 million views

  • Let it go :  2 billion views

Just look at the difference between the song with second rank and let it go.more than 1 billion difference.

I expect you found this reliable.I recommend to hear the songs with the videos for the best experience.If you do not agree with me, feel free to post a comment in the chat box.If found helpful, I may make you a member of this website and will even allow you to add some pages to this site. Or you can see Screenrant's opinion on the same topic:- Best Frozen Songs

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